Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services. If you don't find the answer to your specific question, then just reach out and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

01. Self-publishing support


We cover all services needed to be able to execute a successful Go-To-Market plan. This entails everything from Marketing, PR, Distribution, Pricing, Market analysis, Target audience analysis, 1st/3rd party representation and much more. You can select the specific services you need support with.

Do you do everything in-house?

No, depending on the needs and situation we also have a network of trusted partners we know do an excellent job in their respective fields. We also have a network of service partners (that constantly is growing) where we can get a discounted price for you when referred by us.

Do you do community management?

Kind of! We always urge all the studios we work with to do community management and social media management by themselves. The reason for that is because we strongly believe that everything starts and ends with the players. Getting their feedback firsthand and giving them a sense of being close to the studio/development team, is not only important for player feedback but also for your studio's credibility. But don't worry, we will be in the background to help strategize and set plans.

Would you invest money to do marketing for my game?

No. We work as an extension of your team and will assist you in whatever area you need support with. If you have a marketing budget, then we would help you create and execute a marketing campaign that gives you the most "bang for the buck".


What does your business model look like for your LONG TAIL REVENUE SERVICEs?

We analyze your historical sales data to ensure that all your efforts and results are taken into account. Then, we take our commission from the increase in revenue we manage to achieve. There are no upfront fees or any other charges.

What happens if you don't increase the revenue for my game?

If that is the case, then you are welcome to terminate our contract without paying us anything. All we require is that we work together for a minimum of one year. The one-year minimum is because there is a lot of work needed to be in place to see the full effect of our efforts.

Will I still have control of my game/IP and commercial decisions?

Yes, of course. We will always present our plans and suggestions for improvement to you before doing anything. You will always have the final say before anything gets executed by us. See us as an extension of your current team. But with one major difference, we only get our salary when we increase your current revenue.

Our game launched 5 years ago and we have moved on to a new project. Would you still be interested in working with it?

Yes. No game is too old for us to work with. We work with both newer and older games. As long as we can see us making a difference. 

I am a solo indie developer. Is my game too small for you to work with?

We work with all types of games and game developers. Whether it may be a game from a solo developer or larger indie studio, we are here to help you boost your revenue and player acquisition. Contact us to learn more.


I have a pitch deck for my new game. Could you send it to your network of investors?

If we believe this is a project that fits our (and our investors) criteria, then we would gladly present it to them. The first step after receiving your pitch is for us to get a better understanding of your studio and project.

If my game is presented to your network of investors, am I guaranteed to get a investment for my new project? 

No. Just because we decided to present your game to our investors, this does not mean an investment is guaranteed. Our investors will do their own due diligence and decide if they are interested in continuing the discussions and potentially investing.

What kind of deal sizes do you do? 

Our investors usually invest in the range of €300K – 1.5M. For larger investments, we might try to get several investors to invest together.

What type of terms could I expect?

When working with us you always get 100% creative freedom. We will green-light the pitch and then the rest is up to you (because we believe in your vision and capabilities!). The exact terms depend on the project and investment share. We always commit to having fair contract terms and offer our unwavering support.

What happens if I get a investment?

If we're able to match you with an investor and secure the necessary funds, Re-koup will remain involved in the project as your dedicated in-house publishing team. We'll assist you in bringing the game to market, helping to promote both your game and your studio brand. When partnering with us, your studio will be listed as both the developer and publisher.

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